it printed CDs - Here's how low

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it printed CDs - Here's how low

print CD - so you can the CD, which you give away, lend a personal touch!

There are many ways to print on a CD

  1. If you still have very often to print CDs, because you not only give them, but also for example to use for your work, so it might make sense to buy an inkjet printer with CD / DVD print function. These are available from 120 euros. The printers are easy to use, fast, and print directly on the CD without film. Nevertheless, it is worth probably only pay that price, if you are planning to buy a new printer anyway.
  2. An alternative to the expensive printers offer the label kits. These are printable stickers for CDs, which you install yourself with a centering aid. First you make the film with a tool or for example the Cover Designer Nero contained in the label kit and then print your design. Then pull off the sticker from the sheet and put him with the centering fit on the CD to. This method is also fast and the stickers are easy to apply with the centering aid, it is also a lot cheaper than the printer, because the label kits are already available for about ten euros and contain multiple stickers. The problem with this method, however, is that the blanks in the drive may heat up during use and thereby run the risk that the adhesive of the film dissolves. This can shorten the life of the CD a lot.
  3. Of course you can have your CD in the copy shop print. This is especially useful if it is a unique gift and you want to avoid any problems with the stickers. Normally cost printing of a CD in about ten euros.
  4. However, probably most inexpensive alternative is the labeling with marker pens. This does not damage the CD and do not require knowledge of the programs for the design of the label on the computer. They are also available at any stationery store. In addition, a hand made label can often emit more sentimental value than the computer-made edition.
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