IT system electronics: content - can you earn in this occupation

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IT system electronics: content - can you earn in this occupation

The IT system electronics also sets up networks. Gerd_Altmann / Pixelio

IT system electronics - a high-level technical professional

  • Since the activity of the profession is very closely linked to the electronics and computers, you should have a keen interest in technology and a good knowledge in physics and mathematics. Entry requirement for training is a good medium of education.
  • The program contents of the three-year training for IT systems engineer teaching the theoretical core competencies for the job. Even during the training, it comes through the different operational orientations that provide vocational training to specializations.
  • offer companies the services and products in the context of the information and telecommunications technology, employers are for IT systems engineer: The design and installation, and commissioning of customized computer and telecommunication systems with all devices, associated software, power and networks among the tasks of an IT system electronics technician. The System Analysis and Troubleshooting fall within his remit.
  • Customer service and product training - the need for analysis of the usual for the area goods and implementing a solution concept - taking into account the market conditions are expected. This technical profession is very versatile.

What salary and future prospects await

  • Even the training allowance (as of 2012) of an IT system electronics engineer speak for themselves: In the first year of training, you can with 777,00 - count> 804,00 Euro. During the second year of training you receive from 829.00 to 849.00 Euro training allowance and the last year of your training, it will already be 886.00 to 910.00 euros that you deserve. The differing compensation can be explained by the different locations of the company.
  • Upon completion of training you climb with a content of about 2000.00 to 2300.00 euros per month a working life. The amount of salary depends on the type and size of the company, the location and position in the operation that you hold.
  • The future prospects for this occupation are excellent - the globalization of society demands more and more networking and constantly get new innovative possibilities of computer and communications technology to the market: a wide and constantly developing field of activity for IT systems electronics.
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