Ivy has brown leaves - what to do?

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Ivy has brown leaves - what to do?

Remove infected brown leaves as soon as possible. Grey59 / Pixelio

Drought leads to brown leaves

Brown leaves can be a sign of water shortage and drought in ivy. Generally the climbing plants prefer partial shade to shady locations that have high humidity. Too much sunlight grows ivy solely on damp ground. When soil also make sure that it is rich in nutrients and lime. The best is a rich soil.

Although the ivy is very adaptable, pour more common in brown leaves. Check if the soil is too dry. In a plant that is already hochgerankt far, spray a the leaves. Do this under an overcast sky, as the leaves burn easily.

In winter there is additional protection needed

Not every Efeuart is hardy. Brown discoloration may also otherwise related. If you have planted one of the frost-sensitive varieties, freeze some of the leaves. For outdoor use, the domestic variety Hedera helix is ​​best, because you not as sensitive to low temperatures.

More sensitive varieties such as Hedera helix Hibernica or Hedere colchica require a very favorable location where no freezes the ground. This will cause discoloration or emergent leaves. During the winter, also decreases the strength of the adventitious roots of the leaves on the walls, which is less pronounced in the cultivar Hedera helix. Especially with young plant in a shady location, it is important to protect it with a non-woven from the winter sun.

A symptom of fungal diseases are brown discolorations

Widely used is an infestation of ivy with the fungus Phytophthora palmivora. This fungus spreads best if the soil moisture and forms many spores. The spores move mainly in the water of the soil. You get on the water and on the leaves and stems. The fungus is highly resistant and settles over the years in the soil a. If an infection occurs, cut the plant back severely. Removing them also dropped leaves, as these transmit the fungus on. In addition, you avoid waterlogging in the soil by watering only during drought.

Another fungus is of Xanthomonas campestris. The infection is also called Efeukrebs. When an infestation is small patches form on the leaf margin. The color changes as the disease progresses from black to reddish brown. If the infection is already well advanced, the leaves fall off. The petioles can also be infected and become discolored brown. Particularly the fungus spreads in humid conditions. Bacteria multiply by splashing on the ground, from which they then pass on the leaves. To isolate the infestation, cut off diseased leaves and shoots. also disinfect your cutting tool, as the bacteria colonize there.

Even pests can discolor the leaves

A very common pest for ivy is the weevil. The infestation can be recognized by most of roundish marks on the sheets. In extreme cases, a treatment with nematodes is recommended. It is a natural enemy of Dichmaulrüssler. If the infestation is not far pronounced, gather the animals one by hand.

Pests such as red spider mite, attacking mainly houseplants. Find the pests on the underside of leaves, where you escape the leaves nutrients. It comes to yellowish and silvery discoloration. If the infestation is already more advanced, the leaves turn brown and dry out. Spider mites multiply very well in dry, warm air. Ask your plants therefore not too close to a heater. They fight mites preferably with special preparations of the specialized trade. Acaricides have proved effective.

Scale insects are another threat. They are marked with the fixed signs on the back. With a larger amount of cochineals discolor the leaves and fall out. The combat is more difficult than in the spider mite, because larvae are difficult to detect. In addition, ordinary poison sprays do not work, because the insects are protected by their shield on the back. Therefore, put on a systemically acting poison in the form of rods. Run the rod into the earth to the plant. The poison comes from the soil into the plant and the insects take it up with their food. After a few days your plant grows again.

To care

care measure instruction
ideal location semishady to shady location with ample sun, but without permanent sunlight
irrigation Keep soil moist and watering in frost-free days in winter
ground rich soil with many nutrients and high lime
Protection in winter Protect young plants with a fleece before the winter sun
pruning perform in the spring or early summer
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