Japanese penpals - so you build new contacts

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Japanese penpals - so you build new contacts

Japanese pen pals - make new friends.

Most people get not only the opportunity to travel to Asia. As exciting as a contact with Japanese pen pals may be, often lack one of the top, eventually you may have to find an interested buyer. However, you should not hang the head - you will see that you can build a fairly strong bond to the contact person. You know that perhaps: It comes after a hard day at work and then has neither time nor desire to do something with friends. For precisely these cases penpals are the optimal solution.

Japanese penpals Meet - Tips

  • Use modern media: you can browse the Internet, if you can not make potential penpals locate. On "Mylanguageexchange" and "Rose.ruru" You could be lucky.
  • You must assume that your contact does not speak German, so you should use your knowledge of Japanese. If this does not work, it is advisable to use an alternative language - English is still the most appropriate.

This can create a Correspondence - more advice

  • Once you get to have a Japanese mail contact, you should remember not only to talk about themselves. Respond to the statements of your writing partner. Here's a tip: If you are asked questions, you should not answer this too extensively. This makes things equal even more exciting and helps to further conversation.
  • Ask yourself also matters. You can even talk about Japanese culture or local food. But hobbies and family are always an interesting topic. However, you should never ask intimate questions or respond to these. It is also not advisable to be too intrusive. The letter can not therefore consist mainly of questions.
  • Those looking for future penpals should venture the first step and send out the first letter - not vice versa.
  • Take enough time to write. Who writes a letter abroad you should keep not only at one side. They convey the impression of a lack of motivation.
  • If you have a passport photograph of yourself, you can add this to the letter. With a little luck you will receive a photo of your new friend.

If you follow the tips listed here, you will surely find soon a Japanese writing partner. Who has the text ransacked a little more thoroughly, will now also know that you need to consider a few important points. Summarize everything and you can go in search of pen pals.

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