Jerusalem artichoke juice - a recipe

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Jerusalem artichoke juice - a recipe

Preparing healthy Jerusalem artichoke juice.

The Jerusalem artichoke tuber can be cooked both spicy and fruity.

Making piquant Jerusalem artichoke juice

  1. Remove the shell of Jerusalem artichoke tubers and cut them small in very thin slices.
  2. Cook the Jerusalem artichokes Schei Blein soft mineral.
  3. Pass the cooked Jerusalem artichoke tuber and make it cold.
  4. Prepare to Hagebuttentee and make him cold.
  5. Best is freshly squeezed carrot juice. You need a juicer. Otherwise, use ready Purchased carrot juice.
  6. Mix the Jerusalem artichoke preparation, the rosehip tea and carrot juice and taste the juice with pepper and lemon juice from piquant.

Preparing Fruity Jerusalem artichoke juice

  1. Prepare one or two Jerusalem artichoke tubers according to the above instructions: Small cut, cook, happen chill.
  2. Mix the Jerusalem artichoke preparation with equal parts fruit juice.
  3. Well suited is apple juice or cherry juice.
  4. Serve fruity Jerusalem artichoke juice on ice with a slice of lemon.

Remove with Jerusalem artichoke juice

  • Jerusalem artichoke juice is well suited as a slimming drink because it is low in calories and fills you up long.
  • If you want to lose weight and want to use the juice as a slimming drink, you increase the sick-making effect by adding some wheat bran.
  • Even as a small snack of drink is well suited.
  • Since Jerusalem artichoke juice is very rich in vitamins and minerals, so you can lose weight in a healthy way, for example, a juice weekend.
  • has fewer calories than a mixture with fruit juice - Mix Jerusalem artichoke juice and sauerkraut juice or tomato juice.
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