Jogging before breakfast - Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Sports

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Jogging before breakfast - Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Sports

It has advantages and disadvantages, to jog before breakfast. Dieter_Schütz / Pixelio

The advantages of the morning jogging

  • As already mentioned, it brings the circulation going, if you jog before breakfast. This is especially advantageous if you have trouble getting the morning to get going.
  • Before breakfast one is still rested. After eight or more hours of work, it may be very difficult to rouse again up and running.
  • Especially in summer it is pleasant to jog in the early morning hours because it is possibly still cool outside.
  • Another advantage is that the morning is not so much on the streets or in the parks busy so you can walk with calm.
  • Especially if you live in the city, the air is clean in the morning.
  • Not least is certainly also a little pride with this is that one has ever roused to jog before breakfast.

What disadvantages of running before breakfast

  • Since decreases during exercise blood sugar levels, it can easily lead to a hypo when you go jogging before breakfast.
  • If you have not eaten before running, the body has the energy to get anywhere else, for example, of the protein depot of the muscles, which can lead to muscle breakdown. This can especially happen when you run a very long time.
  • As you move in your sleep less, takes overnight from the synovial fluid. This leads early in the morning to a higher stress on the joints.

Tips for a jog before breakfast

  • Do not run in the morning with a completely empty stomach going but eat at least one banana or drink a glass of fruit juice.
  • Warm yourself once properly on before you start moving in the morning. This ensures that your joints are resupplied decent with synovial fluid.
  • Take a small supply of glucose with, in the event that your insulin levels from dropping too far. It is very important to do this especially if you have a low blood sugar and / or a slight diabetes at the outset.
  • Do not run too long with an empty stomach. If you go for a jog in the morning before breakfast, then you limit your running to a maximum of one hour.
  • Above all, it is still important if you want to go jogging before breakfast that you schedule enough time. It makes no sense if you fall already in the early morning rush. Then namely - in all probability - the half day already gone.
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