Jogging in the rain - so you can manage to keep themselves in bad weather to the training plan

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Jogging in the rain - so you can manage to keep themselves in bad weather to the training plan

Let the fun jogging not spoil the weather!

Jog With the right equipment in rain

  • Outside it does not stop raining, but actually is jogging on your daily schedule? What is clear, because the temptation to skip just the training session and to wait for better weather. This is a possibility which would be different: biting teeth, eyes and go. You will see it is not as bad as you may have thought.
  • However, to go jogging In rainy weather only makes sense if you are clothing technically well equipped to undertake. start moving in Bauwollshirt would of course not highly recommended, after a few meters you are soaked to the skin. Then the jogging is not only no fun anymore, it is not very good for your health: the common cold risk increases with every meter you walk.
  • Thus: get suitable jogging clothes. In sports shop or even in department stores such as H & M or C & A you will find a wide range of water-resistant sportswear. Especially the upper part must be absolutely waterproof. Whether you prefer to go running with a short or long trousers, is up to you, the rain on the legs is some runners sometimes not unpleasant.
  • do not miss the rain protection for the face. You must see where you run so, also it is annoying if you need to wipe your face constantly dry. The classic among the joggers because certainly a Cappy. It protects one hand your head and the hair from the rain water, on the other hand it keeps the screen by your view clear.

comply with motivation to the training schedule in bad weather

  • With the right equipment, the external obstacles are so ever eliminated. Now that jogging could fail only in your motivation when it rains. Try to imagine how good you will feel later on when you have made despite the bad weather Sport! They were then not only sporty, but also disciplined and consistent! Keep this in mind.
  • If you have a clear training plan, so you stick to it. Think about what you want to achieve and consider whether you want to afford to stay even with the jogging. Because of the rain? They are not made of sugar. So, let's go, shoes, Cappy on and get out in the rain!
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