Joining compulsory insurance - it CONSIDERATIONS

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Joining compulsory insurance - it CONSIDERATIONS

Even with compulsory health insurance can save.

Admission to public health insurance has its laws

Every socially insured worker receiving an annual salary below € 49,500 (as of 2011), is automatically in the statutory health insurance. A separate entry in compulsory health insurance as it is not needed.

  • If you are among those who are uninsured and who are planning to enter into a compulsory health insurance, you must pay attention to some.
  • Goods or you are in a private health insurance, the entry into compulsory health insurance is only possible if you switch to a social insurance employment whose gross annual income under € 49,500 is (as of 2011).
  • If you are not covered by health insurance, you need to consider where you were last insured. If you have been in a compulsory health insurance, so in a SHI, then this is bound to resume, even if you are over 55 years old.

Even with compulsory health insurance can make a selection

Step into an employment relationship and are under 55, you can make a selection among suppliers according to your needs.

  • For this purpose, best call the Internet a comparison site for GKV `s on to plan your accession to a compulsory health insurance.
  • Write down what services you expect from a health insurance company.
  • Are you healthy and attach importance to fitness and prevention, then seek out the cash, the result of this in their offer.
  • You should also before entering it, whether these require a monthly additional contribution of your insured, and how much would be this.
  • Select a mandatory fund that rises currently no additional contribution. If it is changed during the insurance period, accesses the special termination right, so you cancel and can choose a member of imprisonment in another compulsory health insurance.
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