just build a traveling crate on plan itself - Instructions

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just build a traveling crate on plan itself - Instructions

For a case of beer is a fun accessory for Father's Day can tinker.

Buy The material for the traveling crate

  • The material for the driving beer crate on plans there are in any hardware store to buy. You need two threaded rods of about 50 cm length, the matching nuts (12 pieces), 4 wheels for wheelbarrows and a rope with which you can afterwards drag the box.
  • In addition, you still need, of course, the case of beer, which you can get in any supermarket. There are boxes of 24 x 0.33 and 20 x 0.5 (also reclosable). Smaller boxes as a 11er Box or half a box, however, are not stable enough.

Assemble the box on plans

If you have gathered the material, then do a sketch or a small plan. Draw a where is drilled later and the order in which the traveling crate is assembled.

  1. It is best to drill at each of the longer sides of the bottom edge of the empty case of beer a hole through which you can push the threaded rod. As drill attachment with plastic suitable a wood drill.
  2. Screw the first 4 nuts on the threaded rod and fix those so at the beer crate. However, you must tighten the nuts properly.
  3. Now you can screw the next 4 nuts and also tighten. These will form the spacers.
  4. Now insert the four wheels on and test whether they can roll freely. If this is the case, then the last four nuts come onto the threaded rod in order to fix the wheels.
  5. You may have to cut something, the threaded rod yet. May be performed on an angle grinder, also called Flex.
  6. Finally, you'll tie the rope to the beer crate, so you can trail behind, and put the bottle back inside.
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