JVC KD-R711: Autoradio with mobile phone pair - so it's over Bluetooth

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JVC KD-R711: Autoradio with mobile phone pair - so it's over Bluetooth

Various Bluetooth devices can be connected.

The Autoradio JVC KD-R711 in detail

  • This device is a very modern and also visually attractive Autoradio, which makes a nice figure in every vehicle. It has many useful features, such as USB playback, RDS tuner, apps, a hands-free function, and an integrated Bluetooth receiver. Not only can you connect any iPod or iPhone to the Autoradio, but also connect it to your mobile phone or smartphone. For a wireless Bluetooth connection all models with Bluetooth are eligible.
  • The JVC KD-R711 has a large and easy-to-read display and can either be operated comfortably by remote control or via the large rotary knob on the front. All functions can be achieved without any problems and you can enjoy a high volume and rich bass.

This is how the mobile phone works

Because the JVC KD-R711 has an integrated Bluetooth receiver, you can connect it wirelessly to other devices. Of course, your mobile phone must also have a Bluetooth receiver and be paired with the Autoradio. You can then listen to the music from your mobile phone via the radio or make calls or talk over your vehicle.

  1. Turn on the Autoradio and take your mobile phone into your hand.
  2. Search for the Bluetooth function in the settings and activate it.
  3. Perform a search for Bluetooth devices and wait a few moments.
  4. Select the found autoradio and perform the pairing. In the future, both devices will be connected automatically, you only have to activate Bluetooth on the mobile phone.
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