K11: The Game - Tips and Tricks

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K11: The Game - Tips and Tricks

Police inspectors on duty.

The menu bar in K11

  • The gun: Here is the evidence that you are examined.
  • The Face: The suspects interrogate here.
  • The car: The various venues are opened here (crime scenes).
  • The Act: Open mentions different chapter.
  • The fingerprint: you leave the chapter.
  • The glove: There are revealed important information.
  • Camera: Take pictures of the tracks.
  • UV lamp: liquids can be made visible.
  • K11 Symbol: You return to the main menu.

K11 - the Dead in Bus Case 1

  • On the bus you will earn on a cell phone, a rat, a ticket and a sports bag during the game. Outside the bus, see a plastic bag and tire tracks, which you take pictures. On the way you will find a fingerprint. In the sports bag is money.
  • On the bills see bloodstains. Send the blood sample to the technician.
  • Produce a sketch with the found objects on the bus.
  • Go all the evidence again, paying particular attention to the receipt. Click the time.

Case 2 - enemy contact at stake

  • In the barracks you will earn on each snippet from the delivery, the cartridge case, a suicide note, the guitar and the ball out of the window frame. Take a blood sample from the body is discovered.
  • Shoot the bullet hole in the window frame.
  • The cartridge case you examine for fingerprints. It is striking that the guitar belongs to a left-handed.
  • Produce a sketch with the things found.
  • Go to the armory. A closet is open and there is missing the delivery. Another delivery you can take in.
  • Produce a sketch of the trajectory of the bullet. From chair towards the window frame. In between, must have been the victim.
  • In the space of Axel Hoss take a letter in itself.
  • The fingerprint on the cartridge case belongs to Axel Hoss.
  • In the office of Dirk Langer take the scraps of paper out of the trash and put them together. There you will find the solution.

Case 3 - Hell Angels in the computer game

  • When the scene you collect in the game of K11 on a armbands, a blood test and a knife. The shoeprint shooting. With the UV lamp discover another bloodstain.
  • Examine the evidence. On the bracelet a fingerprint emerges.
  • Customize even in this case to a sketch.
  • The Code of Safe is 7,688,366th In this you can find the murder weapon, a sachet and scraps of paper.
  • In the garage, take the following things in themselves: a powder sample from the motorcycle seat, a tool box and the picture from the drawer.
  • In the apartment of a suspect, see stains on the chair and a wad of money in the closet. On the bundle of money there are traces of cocaine.

K11 - the Fall

  • After arriving at the scene, take the following evidence in: chocolates, a chalice, scraps of paper, household cleaners, a photo, a purchase agreement and love letters. The shadow on the wall (crucifix) and the place where the statue stood, taking pictures. Put together the scraps of paper.
  • In the home of Ms. Krawcyk see a photo and unfinished love letter. The threatening letter and the love letter have the same handwriting.
  • Through the interrogation, find out that the previous case, in the biker bar associated with this case.
  • Back in the biker bar you will find new evidence. A list of missing items from the church. By UV lamp discover behind the bar a small bottle with a skull symbol.
  • When you examine the room by Beate Wedhorn pick up a shopping list. Behind the cupboard a cup is hidden. The cup is the murder weapon.

The snake pit in the game of K11

  • In the evidence room looking for the following evidence: a sleeve, a sample of blood, a bullet, a key card and a lighter. Prepare a photo from the bullet hole in the wall.
  • The key card found indicates a suspect.
  • Examine now the hotel room 101 and take the laptop, a record, the microphone and a screwdriver set with.
  • In the Act are very revealing evidence.
  • Examine the Hotel Room 102, technicians and lift the torn notes on. Puzzle them together.
  • In the investigation of the office from the technician will fall on scraps of paper and a betting list. Put together the pieces.
  • In the garage of the suspect Hagen see a gun (weapon), the missing suitcase from the evidence room and the key card by the technician. Turn on the UV lamp.
  • They learned that Anders has planted a bomb in his office. This is located under the table by the window and can be mitigated with a 7-digit code (code 1337101).

The game K11 is very simple. You will be guided easily understood by your colleagues through all 5 cases.

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