Kaleidoscope tinker -so you manage the children's toys

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Kaleidoscope tinker -so you manage the children's toys

A kaleidoscope is a colorful world.

Quick and easy to produce a kaleidoscope

  • To tinker a kaleidoscope, the child should be old in about 5 years. Although one does not need a lot of things for a star tube, but a certain skill should already exist.
  • Materials for a kaleidoscope should be ready before the first Tinker. For this you need a stable cardboard tube, for example, the role of paper towels (min. 5 cm in diameter and 20 cm long), mirror foil of 20 x 4 cm (not more than 3 mm), adhesive tape, a strip of cardboard 16 cm x 5 cm, black cardboard, waxed paper, plastic wrap or tracing paper, colored small objects (such as balls, stars, glitter flakes).

On your marks, ready - tinker

  1. Roll so that those in the column (or kitchen roll) can be slid the mirror film. Then a circle is cut 5 cm diameter from the black cardboard and made a hole of about 1 cm diameter. This lid is now bonded to a side of the roll, in addition to use the tape.
  2. The opposite side of the tube is closed by means of plastic wrap.
    The prepared strip of card is a long tubular shape (about 4 cm long) and must have a diameter in the large, long tube fits without problems. One side of this small tube is sealed with greaseproof paper.
  3. Then the children can fill at will their crystals, stars and glittering parts in the ground. This small, filled tube is attached by means of adhesive tape on the rest of the kaleidoscope that the filled soil on the clear film connects.

tinker The diversity Kaleidoscope

  • The different materials that can be used when filling the bottom, each child create different animals, patterns and color schemes in the kaleidoscope.
  • It is important that the children look through the hole in the black board and rotate the tube daily new. If there still some light shining through the greaseproof paper, the miracle of light is perfect.
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