keep Overview at harvest - potato varieties

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keep Overview at harvest - potato varieties

There are countless varieties of potato.

The potato varieties after ripening period

Potatoes need depending on variety and climate of different lengths to mature. One differentiates between precocious, medium precocious and medium early-late varieties.

  • Precocity potatoes need about 90 up to 110 days. If you have planted the tubers in March or April, you can harvest in June and July. If you live in an area which is already rather free of ground frost, you can already plant earlier and accordingly reap before.
  • The medium precocious potatoes have a growing season of 120 to 140 days. The growing season is the time it takes for a plant from germination until her death.
  • In the mid-early-late potato varieties you have to wait the longest, they need from germination to harvest 140 to 160 days ago.

A survey by cooking type

Whether you prefer to eat starchy or waxy potato varieties, is a matter of taste and also depends on which court you want to prepare it. All potatoes, you can buy commercially are, according to their cooking characteristics. On the packaging is in the overview about which cooking type is, in addition, colored stripes are often used. Even with seed potatoes this property is specified.

  • Waxy potatoes have a green stripe on the packaging. Do not jump on while cooking, so you can use this very good for dishes where the potato slices to remain whole, as is the case for example with gratins. To this genus belong the varieties Agata, Cilena, Ditta and Nicola.
  • Predominantly waxy potatoes may jump a little on cooking, they are marked with a red stripe. These varieties include Agria, Secura, Farms and granola, out of them, you can make good salt or fried potatoes.
  • Floury potatoes are marked with a blue stripe. Because they fall apart during cooking quickly, these potatoes are of good use for your mashed or stews. These include Bintje, Afra and Adretta.
  • The designation triplets relates solely to the size of the potatoes, they are depending on the variety a maximum 35 or 40 millimeters. From triplets You can make delicious baked potatoes.

The list of varieties of potatoes at harvest

The Internet provides a good overview of the potato varieties. Use this list to help you decide which variety you should grow. Plant several varieties, so you can reap always fresh potatoes from early summer to fall quiet. For winter you can store the potatoes in the dark and cold rooms. The beautiful colorful varieties of potatoes from the Andes Here you can not grow, but our climate is not suitable.

  • Plant. Different varieties of potatoes equal according to their ripening time from front to back So you can reap the succession Karoffeln once they are ripe, and you do not need to enter the beds of the late potato varieties.
  • Take small signs on the beds, to write the sort, so you can keep track and always know what you reap.
  • Store for the winter and its varieties according to different containers. Potatoes The individual potato varieties are better suited for the total production.
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