Keyboard displaced from z to y - you can do

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Keyboard displaced from z to y - you can do

The keyboard can be adjusted easily.

Through the code page, the keyboard is shifted

  • In Windows, you can set various languages ​​and countries for your keyboard. The default operating system is of course German. With one click, but adjust the code page (character set) in Windows to a different language. If this character set is adjusted, so change numerous buttons and features of your keyboard.
  • The German (Western Europe) Code Page has the number 850, the English code page number 437. Depending on which character encoding is set in Windows, the behavior of the different keys vary.
  • If for example you accidentally moved the German to the English code page in Windows, so the keys are z and y are interchanged and also some other buttons no longer work in the usual way. With an incorrect code page is typing and working at a correct exposure, because many keys are no longer correct.
  • The code page, but you can at any time switch in Windows from English to German. This is relatively simple and requires only a few steps. The easiest way to make this change if a symbol of the keyboard language in the taskbar is in Windows.

So vote for and y again

  1. Located right on your Windows taskbar, a blue keyboard icon with En or De, so you can change the keyboard with a click again on a different code page. Is there in your Windows there but no icon, so you need to change the character encoding consult the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Click in the Windows Control Panel to "Clock, Language, and Region" and select "Change keyboard or other input methods" the submenu.
  3. Click "Change Keyboards" on the tab "Keyboards" and in this menu. In the menu "Installed Services" you can now see all available fontcharts.
  4. Delete best there the English entry for the keyboard and set German as the default. Then click "Apply" and exit the menu.
  5. Now, the y and z buttons function as usual and you can work with Windows back to normal.
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