Kickboxing workout at home

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Kickboxing workout at home

Kickboxing is an individual sport!

learn kickboxing and practice at home

  • It does not always have the gym. Individual courses in kickboxing However, you should have visited, because the only way you can get an impression of the sport and learn the proper technique. The individual steps and Kick, you can easily practice at home in a free space. Remember that you need some space.
  • Have a punching bag? Also you can practice thereto. Remember a certain sequence of steps or wagon and proceed as in the actual training. There are exercises of varying difficulty. Make sure that you have mastered the basic exercises safely before starting further exercises. Just as you learn kickboxing slowly and step by step. False performed exercises are also not effective. For this reason, home recommended before training definitely one or two basic courses in kickboxing.
  • In the punching bag training you can practice the actual boxes as in normal boxing training hand techniques. Take however gloves and strengthen your wrists, to avoid injury. The traditional Boxing is a precursor of kickboxing and also looks good. The kickboxing evolved from boxing mid-60s and is originally from the USA. It is a popular and widely exercised, very effective sports.
  • In addition to the hand techniques and foot techniques, the kickboxing are added. The Kicks require some mobility. Never start your training without having warmed up beforehand. In boxing, the jump rope is very popular. Stretching Also and begin their training only if you have a warm-up phase behind. Make a few stretching / and stretching exercises, stretching from the aerobics area and stretch especially the legs. A good running workout can support kickboxing.
  • For practicing the kicks loosen the legs. In the kicks it is particularly to the rotational movement in the hip. Perform the sequence first slowly, paying careful attention to the technology. At the kick, so the eigentlichem tread, tighten the foot and the leg, so that a sharp shock followed. If you master the technique safe, work out on the punching bag, if you are alone. You can then target-oriented training, in which you control your kicks on certain points. If a partner is there, you can "protected" against the palms (cushion) occur. In this case, the amount and accuracy of better coordinated and adapted to the specific, individual Trainigsstand.
  • Basically, the kickboxing is very similar to boxing and boxing technique is the same. However, kickboxing is not limited to the punches like boxing, but requires some footwork and kicks from the field KungFu or Taekwondo. Many foot techniques were adapted from these Asian sports.
  • The kickboxing is a technical sport. The box-hand / foot techniques and must be done carefully and correctly. This requires a lot of practice. Practice the best out there and do not give up so quickly. Who the (basic) techniques safely controlled, a piece can always discover the art and evolve more.
  • The kickboxing is in no way comparable with street fighting, but requires much Körperberrschung and discipline. It is also good to know and reassuring that the risk of injury when kickboxing unlike ball sports such as football, basketball, handball and squash is very low.
  • It is a very individual sport that requires a lot of training and discipline, but is also effective and brings fun. Training at home is therefore essential to move forward quickly.
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