Kim Gloss - Makeup Tips

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Kim Gloss - Makeup Tips

Makeup tips you can look like Kim Gloss.

Make-up tips from Kim Gloss

  • Anyone who wants to make up even as Kim Gloss, may apply the make-up tips of the stars. She is known for her flawless styling and often fell through their professional, self-brushed makeup on.
  • Start with the makeup and wear it on your face and neck. To prevent your neck appear lighter than your face. Then apply a little rouge on your cheekbone. To do this, first select the highest point. Work it inside out. Thus, the Rouge gently expire and you have the same Apfelbäckchen as the singer.
  • You can leave your lashes full effect when using Fake Lashes. The singer has been doing it since she is 13 years old. To do this, the glue on your finger tip and let it dry for about 30 seconds, then transfer it to the eyelashes. Then glue the false eyelashes on your lash line.
  • The most important thing for the singer is the eyeliner. Without their applied eyeliner she would not leave the house. Wear the Eyliner easily from the inside on the upper eyelid, and then on the lower lid on. You will see that art lashes them to last longer.

Who is Kim Gloss?

  • Kim Gloss is the stage name of German singer Kim Debkowski who is of Polish descent.
  • the singer is best known for "Germany seeks the superstar". She took part in the 2010 Castigshow and came up to 4th place after they retired in the previous recall. In 2012 she participated in the jungle camp. Always struck by her perfect makeup and are also self-love make-up tips.
  • After she had increased her notoriety, she got a recording contract with MOKOH Music / Sony Music. Shortly after their debut album was released called "Rockstar".
  • Since Dschungelcamp the singer with Rocco Stark is together. The young couple had a baby in February, 2013.
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