Kitchen complete basic cleaning - so succeeds's

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Kitchen complete basic cleaning - so succeeds's

Feeling comfortable in the kitchen again.

Spring Cleaning - clean your kitchen complete

Best for your spring cleaning in the kitchen is a shaded, slightly cooler day. To see all the stains well and the food out of the refrigerator, you can easily temporarily stored on the windowsill. Provide a bucket of lukewarm water, several soft cotton or microfiber cloths, detergent and special cleaners for stainless steel surfaces.

  1. Start with your kitchen cabinets. Clean up all food, dishes and containers and put everything on the clean kitchen table. Sort of old, broken dishes and dispose of expired food. Clean the cabinets from top to bottom, that is, you start at the top, then clean the insides and finally the fronts. Wipe everything with a damp cloth and a little detergent from, then with clean water. Then wipe the fronts also damp cloth and rub the surface dry, so that the wood can not swell. Clean up everything back inside the cabinets.
  2. Rooms now your refrigerator from. Again, sort of expired food. Remove all trays and containers and individually clean it with a cloth and cleanser or a vinegar solution. The joints treat with an old toothbrush and some baking soda. Wipe all surfaces always dry, so no germs can develop. Against odors make a bowl with a little lemon juice, coffee grounds or milk in your fridge.
  3. Now clean your tiled backsplash. Wipe with an alcohol rag over the tiles and polish with a dry cloth. Dirty Groove deal with toothbrush and some chlorine cleaner, rust stains are there, rub a cut lemon over it. Calcium deposits on the tiles you are using a vinegar solution Mr.
  4. then Devote yourself to your work surface of wood. Is it very stained or covered with knife cuts, you should roughen the surface first with medium fine, then very fine sandpaper. Now enter in multiple passes on olive oil. Thus it can penetrate well, you should incorporate it with fine sandpaper. For stainless steel surfaces, use a special cleaner and a soft cloth, which can cause scratches.
  5. Even the hood, do not forget, if you want to clean your kitchen completely. Take it from the power and wipe with a cloth and mild cleaner all surfaces. The grease filter, spray with a degreasing agent, leave it to act and wash it then in the dishwasher. Stubborn stains get out with a high pressure cleaner.

Finally, you suck crumbs from all the cracks and corners and wipe the floor with a mild vinegar solution grease stains you get with alcohol away. If you have your kitchen cleaned completely, dispose of all kitchen sponges and rags.

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