Kitchen with no windows - it is light and airy

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Kitchen with no windows - it is light and airy

Beautifully decorated kitchen without windows

The lack of natural light in a kitchen without a window, you can compensate with bright colors and cheerful accessories.

Without windows to cozy kitchen

If your kitchen has no windows, then there is no sunlight, which brightens the room. It is therefore important that you use bright colors when designing the kitchen and the whole then illuminate with a warm light.

  • The best are multiple light sources, which you can put spread in the kitchen. Take right on the stove and in the workplace, a bright light, which can for example provide you with a neon light.
  • Additionally, you can attach small light sources by up table lamps with soft light and also be attached to the dining area a nice big ceiling lamp. So it is possible that you illuminate every corner of the kitchen while back specifically certain points in the right light.

Bright colors for the kitchen

  • If you have a kitchen without a window, use only light and warm colors to make the room nicely furnished. Bright yellows and oranges enlarge the space visually and bright your kitchen on. You can also use pastel colors and even bring strips on the wall.
  • Especially nice and bright kitchen acts if again find the same colors or matching tones in your kitchen furniture. Have red kitchen furniture, then yellow and orange beautiful and bright wall colors to match your kitchen decor.
  • but Do not use more than three colors, otherwise it is too colorful and the lightening effect is no longer so clear. For this you can attach but a few pretty yet useful accessories for the kitchen.

Pretty accessories for a kitchen without windows

  • If possible, use high contrast and eye-catching accessories for the kitchen. A large and showy kitchen clock, which must be calm decorated colorful, a wooden spice rack or just a few pretty pictures in colorful frame can add some extra punch without window of your kitchen.
  • Especially nice look and cooking utensils, which can be mounted on a special rod directly to the wall. So you have everything at your fingertips and not just a pretty eye-catching, but also a useful decoration more in the kitchen.

If you design your kitchen without a window, then consider yourself beforehand exactly what colors you use for it, and then tune all tone in tone from each other.

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