Knee muscles strengthen - with these exercises succeeds's

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Knee muscles strengthen - with these exercises succeeds's

Strengthening the knee muscles with exercises

I thought you were ever prescribed you some medication the doctor and who because of this pain or has advised you to do sports. However, painkillers are not always appropriate, since pain in the knees acutely and thus disappear on their own again, whereas sport is already a good solution. But what exercises are useful? How best to strengthen the knee muscles and what there is still to be observed? In this guide, you get a few important clues for muscle training. Furthermore, you will receive the second part of this description a few good exercises to build muscle.

It works with the structure of the knee muscles

The muscles surrounding the knee, his help in the movement and, more importantly, when bending. Every time you sit down, even if you are traveling by bicycle, the leg is automatically bent. It is the joint that sits as a knee joint between the thigh and leg, held and stabilized by the muscles.

  • Like any muscle is built up by protein and the tissue of the knee muscles. So you should pay attention to protein-rich foods. Fish, white meat, soy products and legumes (they contain vegetable protein) are very healthy.
  • Drink plenty of liquids - are the healthiest and remain water and unsweetened tea. By fluid, blood is kept thin and affects the blood flow positive. The oxygen contained in this body fluid passes more quickly in the muscles.
  • Regular exercise - it is not done at once. Three practice sessions per week are ideal. Just as important as the strength of the muscles are also the resting phases. At least one day of rest helps the muscles already for regeneration.

strengthen knee muscles with these exercises

In general we can say that all the activities in which the legs are claimed to help the muscles around the joints to building. Nevertheless simple walking is not enough to keep any pain in the future at bay.

  • Take the wheel. Not only the environment's sake, but also for your body, it is advisable from time to time to pedal sometimes. The pressure you exert with the legs on the pedals, inspire your muscles for growth.
  • How good is your sense of balance? Balancing on one leg will reinforce even the smallest muscles. Hold for 20 seconds by each leg.
  • Try it once with the so-called "Hock-stretch-jumps". Go to crouch, gain momentum and then jump into the air. The power you need for fast erection, and burp the advent on the ground will not miss your knee muscles the necessary incentive.
  • Tried and True - squat. In this workout you squat down and stand then straight. This unit repeat in three sets with 15 repetitions. Those who wish can take small weights in her hands. To avoid over-exertion, you should use this method, however, apply only as Intermediate.
  • The lunge: Stand up straight, first, the legs are hip width apart. Now move one leg in a semicircle motion aside, support your weight on this leg and then drag it back. The same make with the second leg also.
  • For this exercise is a convenient base, as appropriate, for example by a sport mattress. Lie down with your back on it, and put the soles flat on the floor. Now you support off, so lifting the hips and torso. Hold this position for ten seconds. Drain your body and repeat this exercise.

By observing the above points and performs the exercises without haste, will soon get the desired results. Such training will help not only the strengths of the knee muscles, but also the maintenance of general health. Knee problems and painful accidents can be avoided.

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