knit a scarf itself - so bring it to your children at

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knit a scarf itself - so bring it to your children at

With children a scarf knit Andrea_Kusajda / Pixelio

Select the correct pattern

  1. Children you can easily teach knitting, you just first find out to which model your child does easiest.
  2. This can best be ascertained by customizing with the child a sample spot.
  3. Look out different simple patterns and show your child how these are to knit. Then put the child the right knitting needles in hand and make it even knit a few rows before you show the next pattern.
  4. Let this time, so that the child has time to immerse itself in the knitting and let then select it yourself, what pattern the scarf should get.
  5. mainly simple right-left pattern two children, knit the first time, are, for example, two on the right, left, etc. or three right, three left, etc.
  6. The children see the pattern very quickly and do it easier to knit the whole scarf properly.
  7. For older children, you can also use a checkerboard pattern is also only from left and right stitches, however, so that the sound does not contract as beautiful as a simple right-left pattern.

knit the scarf with children

  1. Once you have chosen a pattern to your child rather large knitting needles and thick wool, so the children will soon have a sense of achievement and not sitting for weeks on her scarf.
  2. First, find a single color, bright (ie no black or dark blue) of wool, so your child can recognize the pattern for knitting easier.
  3. Suggest to your child's stitches and knit the first row so that the pattern is predetermined.
  4. Then your child to knit However, sit down next to it, so that any resulting errors can be corrected immediately, after all it is for your child is a setback, if you need to undo the half scarf again.
  5. Consider necessary on small inconsistencies of time, instead of destroying the sense of achievement.
  6. Once your child can see the pattern clearly, it can also silently knitting, check However, every now and then, if no loop has been dropped.
  7. However, the scarf is your child's thing, you are always on hand, perhaps knit yourself something that motivated to sit down together and knit.
  8. Praise your child again, so it does not lose interest, and engage you really only if you are asked or it is absolutely necessary.
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