knit Hundepullover itself - Instructions

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knit Hundepullover itself - Instructions

Knit star pattern on the Hundepullover.

This guide for the dog sweater for yourself knit the size of a small fox terrier or Westi is expected. For a larger dog more stitches according to needs - and of course more wool.

Knit the Hundepullover - so it goes

  1. Beat about 78 stitches in red on a needle (strength 3.5) on. Knitting Now rib in red. But you knit six rows alternately left and right.
  2. After already is the back part of the series. Knitting here respectively the first 14 stitches in the right, then make the next 12 stitches a plait, which means they first knit the last six stitches, from the 12, then the first six of the 12 stitches in the right so the six stitches intersect.
  3. Then it goes back to normal right next 8 stitches long. Now again follows a braid, as described in point 3, from 12 mesh.
  4. normal Knit again eight stitches. Now the third braid follows in the back, as in point 3 of 12 mesh. Thereafter, the final series follows again from 14 mesh.
  5. The whole knit as 68 rows in length and should then give a total of 20 cm length.
  6. Now the Zopfteil is completed and just knit 8 rows stockinette stitch on, which then results in a total length of 24.5 cm.

Now you knit the other one a beautiful star pattern in cream-colored wool in the Hundepullover.

Knit One star pattern itself in the heat protection

A star pattern is 23 stitches wide and 17 rows long. In the back part of a Hundepullover fit three star pattern. To continue in pattern designed by a:

  1. The 1st row succeeds so: 2 mesh (M) red, 1M cream, 4 M red, cream 1M, 3M red, cream 1M, 3M red, cream 1M, 4M red, 1M cream, red completion 2M. Then follows the 2nd row: 1 M red, 3M cream, 3 M red, 2M cream, 5 M red, cream 2M, 3M red, 3M cream, final 1 M red.
  2. Knit the 3rd row as follows: 2 M red, cream 1M, 4M red, 3M cream, 3 M red, 3M cream, 4 M red, cream 1M, 2M final red. Then the 4th row: 7 M red, 4M cream, 1 M red, 4 M creme, conclusion 7 M red.
  3. The 5th series follows this pattern: 3 M Red, 4 M creme, red 1M, 3M cream, red 1M, 3M cream, 1 M red, 4 M creme, statements 3 M red. The 6th row is crocheted: 4 M red, 4 M creme, red 1M, 2M cream, red 1M, 2M cream, 1 M red, 4 M creme, final 4 M red.
  4. Finally, the 7th row: 2 M red, cream 1M, 2M Red, 4 M creme, red 1M, 1M cream, 1 M red, cream 1M, 1M red, 4M cream, 2 M red, 1M cream, statements 2 M red. The 8th row succeeds as: 1 M red, 3M cream, 2 M red, cream 4M, 3M red, 4M cream, 2 M red, 3M cream, final 1 M red.
  5. Finally, add the 9th series at: 5 M creme, 6 M red, cream 1M, 6M red, statements 5M cream. Now a little more than half the star pattern is finished. For the other half you knit further against the same. so start now with number 8, then knit the row 7, 6, 5 and so on until you are again arrived at number 1, then the star pattern of this manual is ready.
  6. Have you incorporated the star pattern in the dog sweaters, so you knit the 20 rows in stockinette length. From the twentieth row, take the next 5 rows left and right in a loop from the neckline. Now you knit the turtleneck 8 cm in left and right stitches - the back part is now complete.
  7. For the associated abdominal part refer to 40 stitches and reuse 3.5 needles. Knit another cuffs 6 rows in the left and right. From 24.5 cm start again with the star pattern.
  8. After finishing the star pattern knit now on abdominal part also still 20 rows stockinette stitch on and take over the next 5 rows left and right in a stitch from.
  9. Finally, you still knit to 8 cm long turtleneck in left and right stitches. The belly part is then ready.
  10. Sew the two pieces together and let the front legs about 8 to 10 cm free, depending on the thickness of the coat. The dog slips only with the front legs in the Hundepullover. You do beautiful finish start knitting also at the armholes still a small cuff, if you want.

Make yourself and the dog easier

  • Unchain turtleneck neck from easy, so it will not the animal by the neck and cuts.
  • Fashion a no sleeves, then the dog has more freedom of movement.
  • Take no 100% cotton, since they wear out quickly, but access to washable easy care wool.
  • When trying on this process is much easier with a few treats for your dog.

to knit a Hundepullover itself, should not only you, but also make the circuit even your dog fun.

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