Knitting and felting - a guide for two small decorative elements

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Knitting and felting - a guide for two small decorative elements

Even paper napkins look classy with napkin ring. wrw / Pixelio

principle should be observed during knitting and felting

  • When planning a Strickfilzstückes you should be aware that the piece when felting around one-third enters the size. This should be observed accordingly when knitting. If the final size of 10 cm x 10 cm to have that blank piece before felting approximately 13 cm x 13 cm must have.
  • Felting happens by friction in combination with liquid. Therefore, it is unceasingly that you give when felting in the washing machine, a towel or the like, with the machine in order to achieve a good result.
  • For Strickfilzen you can use various natural yarns (no synthetic yarn). However, this may not a cotton content nor be equipped with Superwash.
  • Minor discrepancies in the knitting are invisible to the felts.
  • When the felted pieces after washing is still too large, repeat the washing process. The piece of felt then shrinks again.

Instructions for a napkin ring

  1. Beat on enough stitches to obtain a knitting width of approximately 5 cm.
  2. Knit an approximately 20 cm long strips about 5 cm width.
  3. Chains off your knitted garment.
  4. Sew now the two narrow ends of your knitting piece together and sew all outstanding threads.
  5. Now, the first ring is knitted and finished for felting. Knit as many rings as to instructions as you need for your table.
  6. Enter your knitted rings with the towel in the washing machine. Ask. The washing machine on a 60 ° C program, a (no short program) and add to Vollwaschmittel
  7. Take the felted garments from the machine and pull it into shape so that all look the same.

Put your Filzgegenstände to dry on a dry towel.

Instructions for felted Coaster

  1. Beat with your wool to a 20 cm wide strip.
  2. Knit in plain curly pattern (1 row right, 1st row left) a "flap" which is about 20 cm long.
  3. Chains off your knitted piece and sew the threads.
  4. Proceed Felting exactly as described in points 6 - 8 of the Instructions for napkin rings. Just make sure that the coasters are smooth.

All to filzenden pieces may still be individually embroidered before felting. Either with stars or the initials or the names of your guests. To do this use also wool material which is suitable for felting. Of course you can embroider the pieces even after felting.

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