Knocking in the wall - so you discover the cause

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Knocking in the wall - so you discover the cause

Causes of tapping into the wall Dieter_Schütz / Pixelio

A knock on the wall affects the quality of life significantly. If there are such problems in your apartment, you should try to determine the cause of the palpitations. Only so you can leave it.

Possible causes of tapping into the wall

  • If you have a wooden wall in your apartment, it is normal that can be heard in the wall every now and then a knock. A possible reason for this may be variations in temperature or humidity changes. Wood is a natural building material and responds therefore to atmospheric changes. Due to shrinkage or expansion of the material creates a knock in the wall. On this phenomenon, you can not change anything.
  • Another cause of a knock in the wall can be the larvae of woodworm. These also cause knocking noises. In the case you would have an exterminator with combating pests commission.
  • Also hear a knock in a masonry wall, this can come from laid under plaster water or heating pipes. With a metal detector you can easily determine which areas of the wall metal pipes are laid under the plaster.
  • Due to the thermal expansion and the subsequent cooling, the tubes expand and shrink afterwards together again. This can create a uniform knocking in the wall.

eliminate the noise in the walls

  • If knocking is in fact due to the wall on installed pipes in the wall, you have no choice but to let lay the pipes again.
  • Especially in older buildings, the supply lines have not always been free of tension. This can be caused by temperature fluctuations knocking in the wall.
  • then you would have to prize open the wall and can lay the cables so that they can expand unhindered when heated.

If you live in a rented apartment, knocking in the wall can be seen as a serious deficiency. You should notify your landlord this issue and ask him to remedy this deficiency.

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