know differences between opera and musical - how it works

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know differences between opera and musical - how it works

The Semperoper in Dresden at night. Andreas Agne / Pixelio

The differences between musical and opera

Both Opera and Musical belong to the category Music Theatre. In musical theater there is a dramatic action, song and music are also a central part. Nevertheless, there are crucial differences between opera and musical.

  • Musicals are more likely attributable to the lighter, popular culture and have many ajar to cinema and television show elements. The songs are quite catchy and rather cheerfully.
  • If you are interested in dance choreography, you will have much pleasure in a musical. The dance numbers have a greater dramatic significance as in the opera here.
  • Operas belong to classical culture and are more demanding. If you can be enthusiastic about theater and art, you will surely find faster access to this kind of music theater. In opera the plot is described to a large extent by the song. This is done firstly by the choir, vocal passages some ensemble members or solos - the opera arias.
  • Differences between opera and musical you will notice even when technical effects and stage sets.
  • In musicals and art show plays a major role. There are leaked partly some passages in my audio file, also working with amplifiers. Elaborate sets and acrobatic dance routines are necessarily show it.
  • Opera performances are always live without electronic amplification. The support is provided by an orchestra that is placed under or behind the stage.
  • Opera singer must complete a classical vocal training, this is based on the bel canto technique. For the musical singer Beltingtechnik is predominant. Musical song of the natural voice is closer to the chest Timm rate is higher than at the opera, where changed in high passages in the head voice.

Visit of Opera and Musical

  • If you go to the opera, you should make sure to dress appropriately.
  • Men should choose a suit in black or dark blue, combined with a white shirt and a bow tie.
  • choose a Ladies long ball gown in black or muted color in a simple cut. The shoulders should be definitely covered - take with a cloth or a stole when needed.
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