Knuckle roast - a delicious recipe

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Knuckle roast - a delicious recipe

Haxen can prepare tasty.

To prepare knuckles to right

served with cabbage and dumplings, this simple dish evolved into a savory delight. In order to prepare the court for 3 servings, try to be implemented the following recipe:

  1. Before you cook the shanks and fry, preheat this first oven to 200 degrees before.
  2. Then wash the meat under cold running water, dry it with a paper towel and cut the rind then a rhomboid.
  3. Season the meat well with salt, pepper and paprika.
  4. Furthermore Now heat on the stove in a roasting pan and fry the lard the shanks on all sides vigorously for 10 minutes in to.
  5. Then enter the peeled and quartered onion pieces, and let it cook for a few this also.
  6. Next step is to pour the boiling water to the drippings and add the bay leaf, the juniper berries, cloves and mustard seeds.
  7. Take the roasting pan from the oven, slide it on the middle shelf of the oven already preheated and let the trotters for 60 minutes until herein.
  8. During frying, you should from time to contact and this occasionally Brush well with beer, the knuckles. This ensures crispness and matching tan as appetizing color of the roast.

Mix the sauce for the roast

  1. After completion of the cooking time, take the knuckle from the roasting pan out, loosen the gravy with the remaining beer and water on and let the liquids again boil.
  2. Additionally, you should now be enriched with the spices gravy sieve and let this boil for a moment.
  3. In order to thicken the broth, try to be the starch Whisk with cold water and then stir in the liquid in the sauce.

Depending on your taste you can the sauce for trotters which you fried nor seasoning with salt and pepper. Good Appetite!

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