Knuddels profile delete - how it works properly

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Knuddels profile delete - how it works properly

Delete the profile is not easy.

Knuddels is there for flirting

Knuddels is a flirt on the internet, for this reason, the platform is used by men and women who go as a single through life and are looking for a partner for life or a non-binding flirt.

  • In addition to the Chat function you can also play games at Knuddels. To use all features of this website, you must register and come up with a nickname.
  • If you are saying goodbye to your life as a single, or just find to be online any more time with this chat, but then you want your profile determined sometime delete. Because why should you be made an account that is no longer used.

Before you consider how long for now can delete your access, you should always be read carefully before any application, the Terms and Conditions of the respective company.

Delete profile takes time

Unfortunately you can not simply delete your profile in writing at Knuddels. Furthermore, it is important to mention that Knuddels you will not find out about the deletion of your account.

  • Do not use your profile easy if you really want to delete Knuddels. Because the platform Flirt clears by itself all the accounts that were several months not used.
  • To play it safe, you should not access the community for at least twelve weeks. In general, you can assume that was your profile deleted after the weeks.
  • If your profile persist, then contact the customer service of Knuddels. Accessible support is at: [email protected]

How fast your request beantwort, depends on how much the employee Knuddels do.

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