Kuduro Dance - so you know him

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Kuduro Dance - so you know him

Dancing brings joy.

So you manage the Kuduro Dance

  1. The Kuduro Dance is the right dance to the summer song "Danza Kuduro". First, make sure the right foot before the other and sit back twice to the front and back. Circle while the hips.
  2. Keep the hip movement and tap twice with the right leg forward and rotate it to the left and back again.
  3. Turn then once completely around your own axis.
  4. Next, to the left and go four steps to the right.
  5. Now go four steps to the left and four to the rear.
  6. Now you are back at the start of the dance and must give the right foot forward and twice sit back forward and back again. Move it back hips.
  7. Now you jump with the right foot forward and place the left foot bent at the ankle.
  8. Jump back with the left leg and kick your right it slightly forward. Repeat this twice.
  9. Turn once to yourself and then go four steps to the right, four to the left and four to the rear. Always the last step, lift one foot.
  10. Now repeat the initial step and the jump step twice each.
  11. Rotate once around your axis and walk back four steps to the right, four to the left and four to the rear.
  12. Now coming back to the step of the beginning and the jump step.
  13. Now, turn once again to your own axis and run four steps to the right, left and back.

To create the Dance

  • You should always go through the Kuduro Dance only from the beginning and continues until the individual pieces fit. Be sure to be in time, and give yourself time.
  • There is a line dancing, you should best try in the group because he looks better and its effect is particularly effective.
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