Kurantrag rejected - what to do?

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Kurantrag rejected - what to do?

Good prospects for recovery recovery: can re-examine Kurantrag.

The health insurance companies reject a Kurantrag mostly on the grounds that the community-based options were not exhausted. So it can happen that the Kurantrag on whose authorization you have been waiting for may weeks, will be rejected.

To respond if your Kurantrag was rejected

  • Is your Kurantrag been rejected, you have the ability and the right to appeal within one month of receiving the rejection. Contradiction in this case means that the insurance company will review your application again.
  • You can file an objection in writing, with an opposition letter to the insurance company. Or talk directly before the health insurance or the person in charge, which can also be successful.
  • For the opposition letter it is helpful that you ask your doctor for a new opinion. In it, he refers explicitly to the need for treatment, then what are you targeting and what prospects it has for you. Ask him also therefore that he adds a note on the urgency of your cure. This increases the chances that your Kurantrag is not rejected at the re-examination.
  • Contradicting himself write that you do not agree with the rejection of your Kurantrages and lodge an appeal against the rejection of (date). Ask the insurance company is to examine the medical report and the renewed opinion of your doctor again.
  • Appoint SGB V, in which the medical benefits of statutory health insurance are regulated to § 23; 2. For example, write: "I have set a contradiction to your refusal of my Kurantrages from (date) by §23,2 SGB V."
  • Most importantly, however, it is that you describe your condition and your personal health situation again accurate. Explain why it is important for you that the Kurantrag is not rejected. Refer to it, even with respect to the new medical opinion that all community-based options have been exhausted. Count on which therapies and preventive measures taken or to which Specialists have visited. Assign the, if possible, with medical records that you enclose the opposition letter with the new medical opinion.
  • Refer in your objection letter to the systems by writing a final sentence: "I beg you, the accompanying time medical report and the recent opinion in Appendix 1 (and any medical documents in Appendix 2, the rename concrete) again exactly check."
  • In about 70 to 80 percent of cases where the insurance company has the Kurantrag initially rejected, this is still authorized to be reviewed.
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