L power cable - meaning

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L power cable - meaning

Cable with N and L phase

Meaning of L, N and PE

Power cables are usually made of a plastic sheath in which 2, 3 or more thin cables are which are also coated with plastic. The plastic around these cables have different colors, and the cables are designated with different letters.

  • PE is the so-called protective conductor, the earth. When current flows through the protective conductor, usually the fuse. Current on the protective conductor means that the housing could be energized. The cable, which is part of PE is always striped green. So they can recognize it immediately.
  • N is the neutral conductor. About this normally the power is returned. This conductor is only energized when you connect it to the L-conductor, for example, if you clamp a lamp between the two conductors. This cable is always blue.
  • L is the load conductor. It is usually black or brown. About the load conductor of electricity comes into the unit. They recognize the cable because it is the only one that brings a phase tester for lamps. It is never blue or green.
  • For three-phase power always comes 3 different L-conductor into the house.

Possible consequences if power cables are connected incorrectly

  • In sockets or for devices with normal single phase power plugs it does not matter if you swap N or L, you may only ever place the protective conductor on one of the poles and in any case neutral or load conductor to the protective conductor.
  • But if you, the phase and neutral switch on a device that is permanently installed, this can certainly have consequences, because in the case of forwarding the stream provided in the device that certain lines should it carry no current when the switch is not on is "on." Reversal of N and L can thus cause in the non-connected device is current at locations where no one should be.
  • Theoretically, you can switch on the unit or at the outlet N and PE, without this initially is a problem. The over the coming phase current flows from the case through the protective conductor, which is not necessarily cause the fuse blows. But such an error can be fatal if you connect and not on an insulator, such a device made of metal. B. rubber soles are. In the case, the current would flow through them.
  • If you have devices that only work if you connect the plug to a particular type or miss you a often slight electric shock when you are "upside down" plugged in, then there is certainly an error. The current phase is not where it should be. It may have been connected something wrong in the machine, in the socket or in the house installation. This must necessarily examine an electrician.

In general, in the neutral (blue) and earth (green) never current may be displayed when you go to the phase tester thereto. Electricity has to look only at the L conductor something. That should know anyone who has something to do with power cables.

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