Lactose intolerance in infants - so it'll work with the diet

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Lactose intolerance in infants - so it'll work with the diet

Lactose intolerance is painful.

When babies have a lactose intolerance arises when eating a big problem a. How many mothers do not think is that they give to their own diet the allergens in milk. Nutrition counseling by a pediatrician is inevitable, the only way to prevent abdominal discomfort of the baby on time.

treat lactose intolerance in babies

  • If you are still breastfeeding, you should only consume soy products to be. In babies but lactose intolerance is usually not so strong, you can also drink milk with low lactose value.
  • To meet the calcium needs of the child who is still breastfeeding, you should take calcium tablets or much broccoli, kale and eat tofu. They also drink mineral water with a high calcium content.
  • If the baby bottle-fed or get it already complementary feeding, you can meet the calcium needs via these foods. In addition, the pediatrician may prescribe a calcium supplement. This is then dissolved in the water bottle and so fed to the baby. When complementary foods you can of course also offer glass with broccoli. The tea you could prepare with calcium-still mineral water. Ask only but the pediatrician, is how high the baby's calcium needs.
  • The infant will probably not tolerate normal baby milk. But there is a sensitive baby milk, BEBA Sensitive, which is specially designed for digestive problems and lactose intolerance. Although it costs a little more, but helps the baby.
  • Be sure to buy lactose-free dairy products. For them, the lactose was split technologically.

Lactose intolerance in infants is always difficult to diagnose. They scream, have diarrhea or constipation, vomiting and abdominal pain have. But where these complaints come to know many parents do not equal and usually go after elapsed time to a doctor. Let the baby prefer to test as soon as possible if it has these symptoms after eating!

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