Laptop gets too hot and goes out - countermeasures

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Laptop gets too hot and goes out - countermeasures

Too hot laptop will cause damage. Volker_Röös / Pixelio

Countermeasures if the laptop is too hot

Too high a temperature is as damaging as in your laptop at your PC. But since this has much less space for all components, the temperature rises more quickly here and can, depending on ventilation, very quickly come to its limits.

  • Make sure the ventilation slots remain free. Most of these are located behind and / or at the bottom of the laptop. If there is little space for the ventilation discharge, overheating of the laptop.
  • Regularly clean the ventilation slots. Most suitable for this purpose swabs or corresponding "pneumatic - cans", which you can get at any computer store for less money. You will be surprised how much dust has clogged your fan.
  • For most users, the laptop, especially when playing gets too hot. The reason is that here, the demands on the graphics card, the processor and the rest of the inner life. This causes the temperature inside your laptop very quickly.
  • Reduce best graphics settings of your laptop when the other tips were unable to help you. This will reduce the heat generated while playing.

More tips for long life

  • When the laptop itself off, that is a sign for you that it has reached its limit. The shutdown is a safety feature in your system that prevents caused by excessive temperatures costly damage.
  • Do not play in bed or make sure that you use a firm surface. Ventilation must be free, so that the hot air can be removed.
  • The situation is similar with tablecloths. In most PC stores you can find special items. Thus, the laptop is slightly raised and the ventilation can work more effectively. Additionally, there are coasters with private fan which further helps to ensure that the laptop does not overheat.
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