Last minute: Book directly at the airport - so it'll work

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Last minute: Book directly at the airport - so it'll work

Airport Lastminute.

With Last Minute You can travel very inexpensive in a long weekend or a holiday. If you are very spontaneous, you can also pack your bags, head to the nearest airport and stay there a journey that starts with the next plane. Apart from the voltage, where the journey will go, you can save a lot of money.

Every airport has a last minute switch

  • Make a last minute switch can be found directly at the airport. The employees can access offers of travel agencies, which are not booked by customers.
  • A certain risk you take on when you book a so-called "lucky place". In this case, before leaving you only know the country to which you are flying, but not the region and the location of the hotel.

Book your holiday at the airport

  • If you wish to book at the airport your trip via Lastminute directly, you can choose from several offers and quasi travel anywhere. The savings compared to the catalog price can be up to 70 percent. Have your bags equal here, you will certainly find an offer in which you can fly directly after booking.
  • You must pay the travel locally, there are also debit or credit cards accepted. Then you will receive your travel documents and can immediately proceed to the aircraft, if the departure is imminent.

Make sure when booking that you take the necessary paperwork for your trip with him. Within the EU, and in several other countries on the Mediterranean coast and within Europe, you only need an identity card, which is valid for at least six months. Children need a child's passport or the entry in the parent's passport. If you wish to travel to countries that require a visa or a passport, you can book last minute only when you need to apply for these documents not only

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