Lay Flagstones - so you do it

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Lay Flagstones - so you do it

create a natural ambience with polygonal.

Flagstones are, as their name suggests, flagstones with irregular sides and surfaces, unlike flagstones. You can choose between different varieties.

How to choose the right polygonal from

  • Firstly, there is the sandstone, which is produced for example in the Odenwald in quarries. Polygonal sandstone are resistant to frost, react to road salt but sensitive.
  • Granite Flagstones are particularly robust and can be used in appropriate thickness even more extreme stress withstand. Granite is a very dark stone. You should not be embarrassed to necessarily shady places him that could act bleak.
  • Also recommended are extremely robust and Quartzite Flagstones. should be Whereas limestone used only for indoor use, where you can achieve wonderful effects on the walls.
  • Buy a sufficiently random length, a precise requirement calculation is rather impossible at this extremely uneven boards.
  • Are you technically very gifted, you can interpret the polygonal in a honeycomb pattern, you need a regular joint spacing and the plates must trim wet or dry with a diamond saw. More important than the design options but is the ground on which you want to move.
  • For surround you embarrassed suitable curbs or support the Polygonalsteine ​​with screed, so you can not fall.
  • Whether terrace, pool surround or garden path, the steps for laying Flagstones remain the same.

Laying of natural stone slabs

  1. The terrain on which you want to move the Polygonalsteine, you should enclose with strained to small piles ropes, so you can work easier.
  2. The topsoil you need about 80 cm, until the frost line, erode.
  3. Now fill in with gravel and compacting the gravel with a shaker. Such a vibrator can be rented at most hardware stores. Worry. On a slope of about 1.5% for the drainage of rainwater If you want, you can apply on the gravel a 10 cm thick concrete layer, this underline neatly with a board, let it dry and then apply waterproofing.
  4. Mix now mortar of cement and sand in the ratio 1: 4. Simply enter water by feel, pay attention, however, that the mixture is not too watery and must not be too dry.
  5. The mortar layer, but you can enter directly into a 5 cm thick layer of gravel. With a wooden board dragging the ground smoothly. Laying polygonal is a bit like puzzles with no mating parts. Lay the sheets so that you are completely in the mortar bed.
  6. The plates with a rubber mallet to knock, so can not form cavities under the slab. Otherwise, it may result in frost damage. Also, you should leave the edges of the broken stone slabs are not high because otherwise danger of tripping or barefoot hurt on the sharp edges.
  7. Use a level, you can now consider each stone, whether it is straight and if necessary rectify again with the rubber mallet. Keep in mind that this is the only way to achieve an even result because the jogger Do not the polygonal. In the same way you move the curbs, for example, paving stones, but you put a uniform joint spacing close together.
  8. The joint edges should not be apart about 4 cm possible. Allow it to dry everything out and join now with quartz sand or trass cement. This grout can be liquid mix and pour in the column or fill the joints using a spatula.

The grout and the grout after dry immediately with plenty of water and a sponge from stones scrub, otherwise creates a dirty impression. You can also use special cement veil removers, but not later come in contact with the joints.

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