lay vinyl floor - how it works

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lay vinyl floor - how it works

to lay a vinyl floor requires some patience.

lay a vinyl floor - there are two ways

to lay a vinyl floor, is the conventional method with a slightly higher cost than associated with the now established on the market new type of vinyl-laying. However, you must decide which of the two methods you like best.

  • You have the option to transfer your vinyl floor by the conventional method. This means that the soil must first be thoroughly prepared and the vinyl floor is installed then glued.
  • The other option is to lay a vinyl floor with the new click system.

The relocation of the vinyl floor under the new system

Here, the covering for the vinyl floor is already applied to a parquet floor and is just like normal parquet in packages delivered and installed. The advantage is that in this system an elaborate preparation of the substrate is omitted, but does not mean that no preparations must be made on the ground here. It is laid here then with the click system known from the parquet floor.

The relocation of the vinyl base by the conventional method

  1. First, you need to ground the extent prepare for laying the vinyl floor that you have a smooth, clean surface. Therefore, it may be possible that the surface has to be smoothed and sanded. This would be the case if the ground is uneven or it is very rough.
  2. After that, take the vinyl floor and place this on the floor. You should leave him one day so that it can be stretched and can absorb some temperature. Otherwise it is possible that the coating breaks during installation.
  3. Then fold back half of the covering for the vinyl floor so that it does not move. Now take your vinyl adhesive and wear this means your notched trowel evenly onto the scratch. Then let the glue put on about 15 minutes. Then fold your vinyl floor gently forward again. Now you need to firmly rub the vinyl floor evenly with your hands to prevent the formation of bubbles. This work, you should perform as possible with 2 people. The same procedure you now perform with the other half of your vinyl floor.
  4. Now cut using a carpet knife edges carefully and cleanly. On doors you should work closely because here must be no gap. Between vinyl floor and wall, however, you must be about half a centimeter of air, because the lining during drying can still stretch. Individual bodies which abut later on the wall, you must cut off absolutely, otherwise you run the risk that form here waves.
  5. At the end you bring along the wall to even a vinyl tape, which then simultaneously covers the gap between the wall and vinyl floor.
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