Laying power cables - so it goes

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Laying power cables - so it goes

Laying power cables themselves

Before you begin laying the power cable, you should first make a thorough planning.

Plans before laying the power cables

  • Plan with an electrician where all power cables are needed. To prevent future costly later installations are required.
  • Prepare the installer also where to put the spaces and junction boxes.
  • Do what cable cross-sections are necessary for your consumer smart. For a normal house installation, which is protected by 13 amps, a cross section of 1.5 square millimeters is required. For a hedge with 16 amps, use a cable cross section of 2.5 square millimeters.
  • Familiarize yourself with the DIN 18015 standard T.3. Find the standardized connection zones in which the cables correctly (flush) should be postponed.
  • In some walls, such. As onerous walls with a thickness of up to 17.5 cm or chimney cheeks, indentations are not approved for electrical installations. The DIN 1053 or an expert can help you here.

Publishing a power cable in the wall

When laying a power cable in the wall, you have the advantage that the cable is no longer visible later. The downside is that you need to break slots in masonry and plaster. This creates a lot of dust and dirt. Opt anyway for this variant, proceed as follows:

  1. Draw on the slots. The cable route may extend only vertically or horizontally and normally should be in the standardized connection zones.
  2. With a wall cutter, a hammer drill or hammer and chisel Now break the cable slot. The empty pipe or conduit should, if he is in the slot, with the Rohmauer are flush or recessed (without plaster).
  3. Insert the vermantelten power cables or conduits in the slots and fix it at regular intervals with plaster.
  4. Let at the ends of the cable enough rest through the later clamping.
  5. Now you can plaster the wall slots again.

Publishing a power cable to the wall

Especially when laying a power cable for an additional lamp or TV in a finished apartment, it is advisable to lay the cables over the plaster.

  • You can run the cable to either a cable channel or cable clamps. These are available in different materials and designs, so you can paste it harmoniously in your home screen.
  • When mounting a cable duct in the edges of the walls (either on the floor or ceiling), it remains relatively unobtrusive.
  • The cable duct is fastened to the wall in the normal case with screws and dowels.
  • If required, the cable channel can also be covered.

If you lost the power cord properly, your electrical consumers just have to connect and check and test the installation.

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