learn acrylic painting techniques

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learn acrylic painting techniques

The Acrylics allows many creative techniques.

In the acrylic painting imagination knows no boundaries. Because of the unusually flexible consistency of acrylics different techniques are possible.

Popular techniques of acrylic painting

  • When pasty (viscous) inking use colors undiluted with highly opaque effect. Use brushes with synthetic hair, the best take the artificial acrylic paints. It disappear the brushstrokes during drying. Should they remain visible or a structure can be produced, mix Strukturpaste to the colors. The result is like an oil painting.
  • A stable painting surface you need when smoothing technique. There are, cardboard or thin chipboard that you should be primed before painting so that the color layers can adhere well. They carry the acrylics directly from the tube on thick, maybe mix Strukturpaste in, and pull with the spatula or the palette knife on the resulting image.
  • The structural engineering challenges your creativity well out most. With Strukturpaste or gel mixed colors can be applied with different tools: brush, wood, sponge, etc. This results in relief images, in which you can still incorporate shells, sand, stones, grains of rice or noodles. Even with this technique, it is recommended to prime the image carrier.
  • The effects of watercolor painting you can achieve with the glazes of color. The acrylic paints are diluted with water and added for better adhesion acrylic binder. Now enter the transparent colors in multiple layers on thin. Acrylic paints dry quickly and waterproof. Therefore, you need not fear that they flow into each other. However, they mix visually with enough distance in the eye of the beholder.
  • When lavierenden inking "washed" with water, the diluted acrylic colors of the image. Especially gently drip as little water on the bodies which are to run. This technique is used primarily in landscape painting. Larger areas such as meadows, forests or mountains obtain softer contours. Again proves the acrylic painting that it is inferior to the classical painting techniques into nothing.

Note: Brush and other tools should be cleaned always thoroughly after painting.

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