learn Si phrases in French correctly - how it works

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learn Si phrases in French correctly - how it works

To learn French?

  • Si-sets are sets of conditions, ie if-then structures. A distinction is probable, improbable and impossible conditions.
  • It occurs for German speakers to the difficulty that the subjunctive in French is used differently than in German. While it is said in German: "If I were you, I would do," conditional forms ie in two phrases indicate that it is an if-then relationship improbable nature, must in French in the phrase with "si" no conditional or future tense stand.
  • As thoughts Bridge: The rule is similar to the English, where "if" and must not be used in the same sentence as "would".

si-conditions in the presence

  • Probable si phrases in the present are formed according to the following pattern: si + present tense, future tense. "Si tu veux, tu Pourras venir." (If you want, you can come.)
  • Improbable si phrases in the present make the Conditionnel in the phrase, does not contain the "si": si + imparfait, conditionnel présent. "Si tu avais envie, tu venir pourrais." (If you'd like, you could come.)
  • From these two basic forms, you can derive more tenses logical. Remember that a previously taught form must be applied many times and then used in the free speech before it can be used in liquid without much thought.
  • Do not Learn all forms at once. Explore Once the likely si phrases and rewrite so that 10 or 20 sets. Then take a look at the unlikely si phrases and make as many examples.

Sentences with Conditionnel at other times

  • The third way that you can learn in French classes as a scheme, are si-sets impossible conditions in the past. The sentence: "If you had wanted, you had confidence," translate as follows: "Si tu avais voulu, tu aurais pu", that si + plus-que-parfait, conditionnel II.
  • The three featured si-sets are the basic schemes. However, so that not all possibilities are exhausted, you can express in conditional sentences.
  • So how could you say in German, depending on the statement intention: "If you had found the book, you could have read it," or "If you had found the book, you could do it now read", can also be in the French combine different options ,
  • If you want to put in Conditionnel I in the past si-sets, the present tense for passé composé is: "Si tu as eu envie de venir, pourquoi tu n'es pas venu?"
  • You will see that there are numerous possibilities in the combination. If you construct on the basis of three basic schemes a logical time sequence and sacrificing in the subsets with si on Futur and Conditionnel, you are a free handling of conditional sentences to learn, in which adhere to both the rules as to express all possibilities of si-sets can.
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