learn to write notes - Tips for joining

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learn to write notes - Tips for joining

Understanding the complex world of sheet music

Writing learning music

  • In the music you will find numerous rules. Notes are available in seven colors that repeat on a higher octave. These start at C and then go on D, E, F, G, A, H; here again to C.
  • Begin the letter by applying the scale in a music book. Is spoken here of the sequence described in the first point. Help can you the graph of a

    on Wikipedia. Fit, you should have ready a piano where the C can be found left of the two adjacent black keys.
  • Try to consciously work with the lines and about to learn is the sound different where to find. Develop a sense of the individual sounds.

understand notes

  • You now have a basic understanding of the individual notes and develops know anything with the letters begin. But there is some more information that you should consider when writing.
  • to identify important thing that sounds can be played or sung in various lengths. be used for different characters. So a note about four beats is just and empty; a note with just one stroke has the right over a "neck". Here is Wikipedia a good overview.
  • Equipped with this information, you can already start writing his own songs.
  • Do you want to deepen your knowledge, then you are looking for courses for the theoretical music lessons. Here the individual values ​​are also breaks and other elements, such. As the signs and lines explains. Step by step, you can then learn not only songs, but also compose your own.
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