learn Überspagat - Here's how

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learn Überspagat - Here's how

to learn a Überspagat, requires practice.

What is a Überspagat?

  • The balancing act is a figure or an exercise in acrobatics, which is usually performed on the floor. The legs are in such a stretched and positioned so that they form a straight line.
  • There are three different types of splits. One of them is the Überspagat. In this it is not intended that the legs form a line, but a balancing act of about 180 degrees is desired. Thus, the legs form a reflex angle. A good way to achieve this is a balancing act, in which the feet are placed on objects. Two chairs lend themselves excellently.

To learn the figure

  • Before you can manage to go without overstretching or other injuries in the Überspagat, it is important that you manage to get in a normal Spagatposition.
  • If you do it not (immediately), this is no problem. That's a lot like that. Start with the fact that you stretch as often as possible. This is achieved through different exercises (especially yoga is helpful here). A good way is straddled to sit on the floor and try to always continue to get the legs apart and with your hand to touch the toe. This will quickly notice an improvement already. You will get your legs further apart. Another possibility is, continues to push apart standing legs.
  • Practice about twice a day for a few minutes. You can increase over time.
  • Note but always their own pain threshold. This shows you how far you can go without getting hurt. therefore listen to time and be patient.
  • If you come in the normal balancing act (which can take up to half a year to practice). Then start with the training for the Überspagat. You can practice with two chairs or wall bars. Pinch a foot and slide the other leg continues backwards until you are sitting in Überspagat.
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