Lease takeover - Find out expiration

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Lease takeover - Find out expiration

Lease takeover - monthly partially for less than 100 euros

Leasing of new vehicles has some advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages can be long maturities and a high special payment. Used car lease by lease takeover is far more favorable from an economic perspective.

Lease takeover - desired vehicle from the Internet

A lease takeover means that you take over an existing lease agreement as a prospective customer or sale as a contract provider.

  • How do you find such offers? You can apply directly to car dealerships or car rental company and ask to lease returns.
  • On the Internet there are also a number of leasing markets, where vendors may choose to lease agreements. Browse the appropriate databases for your dream car. Necessary contact information is shown in the offer always.

Thus, the procedure proceeds to leasing vehicles

  • A lease takeover prepare with finding a provider. Will you agree to accept all important data of the lessor or the leasing bank. You should then have the contact details (address, fax, e-mail) as well as the contract number.
  • After the lessor has informed his bank of any intention to contract transfer, sharing of Leasing Bank with the data necessary to credit check. If the check of the credit is positive, you get sent for signature to the return, a contractual document for leasing entrance. Subsequently, the seller pays the Umschreibegebühr.
  • Now sharing the leasing Bank of the address of your vehicle registration office. The bank then sends the vehicle registration document for re-registration of the vehicle to the authority.
  • A next step is the agreement of the transfer map and -zeitpunkts. Insist that prior to the takeover, an expert draws up a protocol on the vehicle condition. There are listed here, among other mileage and damage. The related costs of about 70 euro should take the seller. Are already deficiencies exist, you have to pay a compensation of providers.

Now you just have to go to the registration office and sign the vehicle. The former lessee receives after you a copy of his insurance documents.

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