Leather patches make themselves - so successful designs

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Leather patches make themselves - so successful designs

Decorative stitching on the leather patch.

find motives for leather patches

  • First, you need the right motives for your patches. If you can not draw well, look for example. The Internet at paper cutout or window frames. You only need simple flat designs, like a heart, star or a duck to make your leather patches can.
  • Cutters for cookies are also well suited as a creative templates. Drag the outline with a felt pen on paper to, scan the motives and enlarge them to fit.
  • For workwear to offer geometric shapes as a motif on Flick: How about a square or a rhombus? You can also take a picture of a circular saw blade as a template or a simple house.

make beautiful patch from leather scraps

  1. Print the designs and cut them out of the paper.
  2. Glue one of the motives with tape on a leather rest. This must of course be so large that the subject quite fit it.
  3. Now cut out the motif from the leather. You can already use part as leather patches and glue with fabric glue or ironing powder.
  4. Beautiful is the leather patches, if you provide it with holes for sewing. Draw on the back of the patch a line around the edge of the patch, this should be about 0.5 cm from the edge.
  5. Mark on the line at a distance of approximately 0.5 cm small dots. Pushing the points made with a punch. You can also use a thick leather needle prick in every point and pull the needle.
  6. Sew the patch using the holes on the clothes. This looks especially nice if the thread forms a contrast to the leather patch. If you prefer to stick the patch, draw a thread through the holes by grooving in a hole and out the next again and so on. Sew a second round in which you make it reversed.

Leather patches you can make from leather or imitation leather of old handbags, shoes or boots. On bright leather, you can also burn with a soldering iron a few lines.

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