Legal alternatives to

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Legal alternatives to

On the Internet there are legal alternatives to

Legal movie portals as alternatives to

  • Free alternatives: MSN Movies and MyVideo offer although manageable range of films and series, but are definitely a legitimate variant and a free alternative to fee-based Internet services or going to the video store, if the TV nothing hergibt again for an entertaining Eve. The movie streams are however interrupted by commercial breaks. There is not necessarily to see the latest movies, but one or the other classics or older Hollywood movie.
  • Chargeable alternatives: Larger deals at streambarem or downloadbarem video material with different fee lend, purchase or subscription models offer video on demand providers such Videoload (Telekom) or max cathedrals (ProSieben / Sat1). Although the virtual video libraries can now come up with a pretty decent and wide range of blockbusters, etc. series. But just in movies are comparatively quite expensive if you are driving as an alternative to the transition in the classic video library.

TV on the Internet - an alternative to

  • Various public TV broadcasters offer the possibility that the stream to see they broadcast series, magazine and documentary formats, comedy shows and more on their websites - in sections or completely. can highlight one example the right ARD rich library or releasing mainly on entertainment video today on Pro7.
  • Live Stream TV Zattoo as an alternative: Perfectly legal also operates the TV-streaming portal Zattoo, with which one can receive especially public German TV and radio programs such as ARD, ZDF and the third party. But Arte, Phoenix, the Fourth and various thematic channels cavort on offer. It engages in contrast to film portals like and its legal alternatives not selectable at any time offers back, but can live view the current program from the respective broadcaster in the browser window or via the own player Zattoo. So you can comfortably on a laptop via streaming movies, series, documentaries etc. enjoy, depends precisely on the particular television program. The subscription is free, unless you want the transmitter received in improved quality.

Alternatives to the Internet

  • To seek information on the Internet for legal BEYOND different streaming formats and generally to online streaming offerings which will, inter alia, on the relevant website of FAZ, mirrors and heise online recommended products.
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