Legal fees - knowing about the expenses records

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Legal fees - knowing about the expenses records

Settling Professional Flight as expenses

Legal provisions for the settlement of travel expenses

  • In Germany there are legal provisions for expenses incurred during a mission.
  • With an expense report, the employee may deduct the cost to his employer that he has during a professional trip. This includes the stay in a hotel, pension or hostel.
  • The meals, parking fees, cost of a rental car and taxi rides can be charged as expenses.
  • The fees can be tax deducted in Germany by the employer.

Different sets of charges

  • Depending on the duration of the absence sundry allowances sets may be asserted in Germany. So can be claimed per day from 6 to 24 € for catering the employee. For a professional be absent for less than 8 hours of workers 6 can claim €. Anyone at least 14 hours but less than 24 hours is absent, can make 12 € per day for meals claimed. With an absence of more than 24 hours 24 € per day for meals to be paid.
  • but always the same fees rate applies in the amount of € 20.00 per night for overnight stays.

Forms of settlement of charges

  • For the billing of expenses, there are two forms. In the first form of employee collects all documents and submits it after completion of travel. Here, the expense allowance is determined by the duration of the mission.
  • The second form of billing is a flat rate, the worker receives per mission. Especially in the public sector, this type of expense report is commonplace.
  • Employers are obliged to follow the legal regulations of accounting of expenses.
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