Legal lunch - worth knowing for employers

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Legal lunch - worth knowing for employers

Sleeping during the lunch break in your office is not a problem.

Workers may decide how they spend their lunch hour. The statutory break part of paid working hours, so you can place an employer certain regulatory criteria. Too late coming out of the break, workers may not.

Legal lunch break and further regulations

Employees are entitled to a statutory lunch break of 30 minutes in accordance with Clause 4 of the Law on working time at a working time of more than six to nine hours. someone works longer than nine hours, you need him to concede a 45-minute break.

  • This is called the law as a minimum. Workers can negotiate longer interruptions. Since you do not pay the breaks, such desires of your workers will remain the exception. You can arrange special break rules as extended breaks or the like in the employment contract or verbal.
  • Employees may split their lunch in 15 minutes. The law allows a distribution of the rest, less than 15 minutes is impossible. Smoke breaks you do not have to simply tolerate. Workers have to clock out during this time and to rework it.

make clear rules about smoking breaks and private surfing

  • You can stop smoking during working quite. Reasons for a ban on smoking breaks outside regular breaks are plentiful (Non smoking protection, operational requirements).
  • If want to work through an employee, you can tell this a break. Actually, are obliged to. When controls are at risk of the worst case fines.
  • A first stop to make at the latest after six hours of workers. Although it often works in practice differently, work through the break and sure to go home early, according to the law is not allowed.
  • As an employer you can tolerate the private use of PC or phone during breaks. You must not, however. Resources belong to the employer. Any use outside the contractual activity you can prevent.

You know, for example, from the private Internet use, prolonged toleration automatically leads to a permit. You should allow either expressly or general prohibition.

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