LEGO Unimog with remote control - Notes

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LEGO Unimog with remote control - Notes

You can retrofit the LEGO Unimog even so.

Policy regarding LEGO Unimog

  • The kit contains the original a motor and pneumatic. That is, it is already equipped with a battery holder, is mobile and steerable. If you intend to retrofit the vehicle with remote control, you still have to install more extra batteries and at least one receiver.
  • The valves of the pneumatic LEGO can not normally be operated via a remote control. If you want a remote control of these functions, you need solenoid valves. Theoretically, you can use the switch on a motor.
  • You can perform the functions that are controlled via the pneumatic, via additional engines. Many inventors build for this reason a plurality of M-engines in order to move the steering and the gripper. Since the Unimog is difficult, you need to drive another motor, the XL-engine has enough power for this purpose. If you replace the engine in your car, you need to replace the transmission gears to the 4 wheels normally.
  • If you already have a remote control, for example of a railway or a race car anyway, it makes sense to build the remote control on this.

Methods to equip the vehicle with remote control

  • One way to use the LEGO Unimog with a remote control, that you are using a conventional remote control and associated servos. Attach the servos so that they use the existing switch. In this way you need the vehicle to convert little, for pneumatics and drive motor remain unchanged. Since the vehicle has plenty of space to accommodate a receiver and servos, this method is feasible to implement and simple. If you already own a remote control, you should try it this way.
  • Somewhat more complicated it if you provide the pneumatics instead of the existing switches with solenoid valves and open them on pulses from the receiver of the remote control and close is. This method also is useful only when the remote control is already present.
  • If you opt for the remote control of LEGO, you can not use conventional servos and receiver, because the LEGO technique based on infrared. In the case, so you should block M and XL motors with the associated infrared receivers.
  • Regardless of which method you choose: In order for the vehicle itself can be directed, must be installed under the driver's cab a motor capable of the gears belonging to the original steering of the vehicle move. This may be a conventional servo motor or a M. Align yourself with the selection for the type of remote that you have chosen.

Remote control is not working - what to do?

If you have the feeling that the remote control for the Lego Unimog no longer works, then you might in this case, check whether it is actually the remote control or the failure on Lego Unimog is even:

  1. Ask against the Lego Unimog digital camera on a.
  2. Turn on this camera and operate a / on the remote control key levers.
  3. If the remote control is in order, then you will see in the digital camera light diodes.
  4. Should this not be the case, then you should check the next step if the batteries are inserted correctly in the remote control and whether they still have enough strength.
  5. The batteries can also be tested by buying new batteries and insert them into the remote control.

When you get to the above statements on the view that the remote control is not defective, then you could proceed as follows:

  1. Take a detergent at hand, which is also able to dissolve fat.
  2. You could use, for example, detergent or window cleaner.
  3. Spray now the Lego Unimog and at the remote control infrared digits (that would be at the remote control of the sender and the receiver Unimog).
  4. Clean with a soft cloth, which can not lint, both infrared points.
  5. Now test again if the remote control works.
  6. If the remote control function, you can get all the components on the Unimog, which should move, also clean and check to see if they can be free to move. Possibly greater protection has occurred which prevents moving.

now funktoniert the remote control at Lego Unimog is still not, then you should apply directly to Lego. The necessary contact information on the website of Lego.

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