Lethargic - meaning and correct use of the word

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Lethargic - meaning and correct use of the word

to be lethargic, possibly accompanied with somnolence.

Lethargic - meaning and origin of the foreign word

  • The term derives from the lethargic foreign word lethargy. This is related to the Greek word "Lethargia". Lethargia turn is part of the word relationship of "lethargos" which translates to "slumber-like state" means.
  • While the word was used in the 16th century to describe an illness lethargy in the medical community, it became customary in this context, however, only about two hundred years later.
  • Broader meanings of the word lethargy (also in the medical sense): apathy, indifference, inertia, apathy. Lethargic describes according to this meaning a sleeping selfish, apathetic and / or indifferent behavior.
  • Originally the Greek term originated lethargos probably "idly, lazily" (argos) from the composition of the two words for "forget" (lethe) and as an adjective and means actually "by forgetting his sluggish and indifferent".
  • Lethargy and lethargic reflect, within the meaning described both on a physical and a mental state.

Examples of the use of the word

The following example sets both describe meanings of lethargic, that is the medical use and the state of fatigue of interest:

  • The patient was in a lethargic (here: lethargic) state, which was accompanied by disturbances of consciousness.
  • Any attempt them out of their lethargy: to tear (here impassive) mood, was in vain.
  • After the end of the holiday he was in his usual lethargic (here: indifferent) behavior back.
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