"Licensing for this product has expired" in CS4 - what to do?

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"Licensing for this product has expired" in CS4 - what to do?

Obstacles can also solve virtually s.media / Pixelio

repair Licensing for this product

  1. Open CS4 and wait until the message "Licensing for this product has expired" appears. Below that, you should be able to enter a new serial number.
  2. Now open the e-mail, in which the number is found, or view the package in which the installation CD had lain for CS4. Here you should find the serial number that you have specified when ordering.
  3. Enter this number now again in the corresponding fields and confirm your entry. Should CS4 still causes problems, you open the menu "Help" and go to the entry "Disable". Here you can select "Clear serial number" function.
  4. Then open a program from the package and re-enter the number repeatedly. Now CS4 should be able to run smoothly.

If CS4 is really expired

  • It may happen that the error "Licensing for this product has expired" appears under CS4 because you have completed the test phase. Because you purchased the package from Adobe free of charge, so all you get is a period of testing.
  • In order to use the package completely, you must switch to the Adobe website and choose here the appropriate document. Purchase this online to obtain the corresponding serial number.
  • Note that Adobe does not offer always older software if a newer version is already published. So if you use CS4 and already be published CS6, so you should therefore acquire the newer application and thus get the latest features. Check the system requirements before which you should find in each package.
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