Lightning card - the lightning data you get so

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Lightning card - the lightning data you get so

Flashes of lightning can be located online.

Especially if you plan might reside longer time outdoors to exercise, for example, your outdoor sports, it can be helpful to be warned in time before a thunderstorm. After being struck by lightning, is anything but funny and healthy.

presented The lightning-map of thunderstorms Info short

  • The data can be found on the Internet. Under storm-Info You get a lot of current information on thunderstorms. The two positioning stations south-west and north-east in Villingen-Schwenningen and Berlin offer various overview maps to the corresponding evaluations.
  • The various tracking, analysis and activity maps of the two stations show example current lightning storms and lightning strikes, an analysis of thunderstorm areas with the estimated individual thunderstorm "cells" or an activity of the storm, the area in which an activity is being tracked.
  • To a specific location in terms of lightning strikes, for you are interested in, select, you can click on your respective country or region. A window will open with a map on which you can see tremendous activity in light blue markings.

The lightning detection with even more meaningful information

  • On the side of Blitzortung you still get clearer views. Here is a satellite map allows a very good overview of the respective region with the corresponding Blitzschlag- and thunderstorms strength indications. For lightning symbol graphics are in different colors, which are positioned on the map. The colors vary according to the flash amount.
  • Here, see "Station List" Web addresses under which you can find more information on your region.
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