Lily as a symbol

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Lily as a symbol

The lily regenerates itself - it is "immortal".

The lily in mythology

  • Especially the white lily occurs as an icon on a variety of mythologies around the world, which depends on the given culture always other symbol nuances of flower to be emphasized. but your basic character character is almost the same everywhere: So symbolizes the bulbous plant mainly virginity Erlöstheit and inviolability.
  • Those interpretation of the plant can be most clearly understand in Christian mythology. So holding the Archangel Gabriel during the proclamation a white lily in his hands, which allowed the interpretation thereof as a sign of redemption. Based on that image, the Lily sat during the Middle Ages now as a parent symbol for the Virgin Mary by whose virginity, purity and sanctity favored their salvation.
  • Later the flower expanded its symbolic character to the symbolism of Christ himself, the symbolism of salvation was so in Christian mythology special gain, the rebirth was eventually linked to the flower. The three- or Sechsblättrigkeit flower she made for the Christian faith also relevant with respect to the Trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  • This in turn applies not only to the Christian mythology. The Egyptians and Greeks associated with the flower rebirth and immortality. So says Greek mythology that the breast milk of the immortal goddess Hera wherever they spilled over the earth, let blossom lilies. Following on, the lily in many cultures symbolizes the highest human consciousness, which in turn leads back to the redemption.
  • Now in addition to the rebirth another interpretation for the Egyptians plays a significant role. Thus, the bulbous plant is superficially considered as a symbol of god Grace same here because of its special Wuchsart. The same can be understood by means of the Roman mythology, when Venus turns the most graceful girl on earth in lilies. According to its also says Chinese mythology that everywhere blossomed lilies where particularly graceful women donned their feet.
  • To date, almost all said character component received. So one pays for the wedding lilies to express purity, they are sent to the birth to wish a child for the future inviolable strength, grace and beauty, and carrying them to graves to promote salvation and rebirth.

The symbolism of color

  • Not all roses are associated with the above meanings. The lily as a symbolism of the redemption, purity, rebirth, awareness and graceful beauty in principle requires a white coloration in particular of Madonna lilies. Red, yellow and black lilies are associated with yet other signs meanings.
  • The color red is in itself especially for excitement and activity. If we now after the mythological significance of the white lily, so, however, the red lily can be just a sin, purity, grace and salvation at risk. The same goes for the black lily, with those is also used as a symbol of the death and black magic.
  • Yellow again the world is associated with envy in most cultures. In connection with the described symbolism of the lily, the yellow color can now point instead to the grace of white on a burgeoning vanity and egotism.
  • Finally, it should be noted that flowers carry itself in the mythologies of the world a special meaning. They usually symbolize the qualities of the soul. All characters interpretations listed here are now so to be regarded in that sense, especially in light of the soul itself.
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