Line-In - use cables for recording on the PC correctly

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Line-In - use cables for recording on the PC correctly

Even old records can be digitized.

A line-in cable may be purchased at most electronics stores. It has a jack on the other side there are RCA plugs. Your PC must have a corresponding line-in audio input. Some laptops have built such an input. If not available, it can not be retrofitted in the rule. In a desktop PC you can retrofit a corresponding audio card to use the line-in input.

Connect the equipment into line-in

  1. Position your analog device near the computer with which you want to connect it. Plug the RCA plug into the corresponding socket of the analog audio device. The line-in connector is in the entrance of the PCs.
  2. Since this is an analog connection, the PC recognizes the audio device automatically. You need a software to digitize the audio files. They are available as freeware on the Internet, larger programs you can buy commercially. The manufacturer Magix has several very good and easy to use programs for digitizing audio files.

transfer the audio files with the cord

  1. Start the software. Select Line-In as the input source. Can be used for recording the automatic mode or adjust the quality manually.
  2. Start recording on the PC by clicking Start. Some programs have a Recording button.
  3. Now start the play button on the analog device. You will hear the contents on your PC and can start recording visually track on the recording level.
  4. If you have not already selected at the start of recording the location, you must do so in connection.
  5. Opt for a recording format by selecting from the list of available formats of.
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